Social and filial reservations about Vedadhyayanam today

There are three kinds of responses from the Brahmanas who have a duty to learn and preserve the Veda. The first is the Myth; second is the Stigma: the third Practical Difficulties.

The Myth: 

The first category fall the apologists of the Veda who are the victims of some of the prevailing myths about Veda Adhyayanam like that: 

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“veda-Adhyayanam is relevant and
worth the effort”
“Dharmo rakshati rakshith”

“It is possible for every Veda Adyayi
to purse other streams of education
to make a decent living”

“Active encouragement and
facilities are the essentials.”

“Make the environment and
facilitate that it becomes”

I should learn Become more relevant.

  • Vedadhyayanam is good as a concept, but, it is not for me, my son or grandson;
  • what is use of repeating the Veda without understanding its inner meaning; 
  • it is suitable for those who are not bright and who cannot pursue normal career namely it is for those failed in secular schools, the poor and the destitute; 
  • Adhyayanam is very long and tough; 
  • it is of no practical use, And so on...... 

The Stigma

In the next category fall those who have respect for the Veda,but shy away from learning the Veda as, in their view, being a scholar in the Veda is no social recognition but actually a social stigma. 

Their apprehensions are: 
  • The Vedadhyayanam isolates our son from the mainstream society 
  • Even our family will be alienated and lose respect among the friends and relatives 
  • The society does not respect the Veda scholar 
  • I cannot imagine my son being a Sastrigal 
  • My girl is getting highly educated; how could my boy be given to Vedadhyayanam And so on..... 

Practical Difficulties

The third category consists of those, who have a desire to learn the Veda, but point to the practical difficulties in learning the Veda, such as: 
  • I want my child to do Vedadhyayanam; but what will be his future – just Purohitam?” 
  • Where will he get a girl to marry? Which family or girl will accept him” 
  • How will get a respectable living ? And so on....