This is the time to start such a movement

The time is propitious to start such a movement. Some of the indications as to why the socio-cultural atmosphere is in favour of such a movement are  
  • There is a great revival of interest in tradition and religion in India and in fact all over the world – actually a movement back to one's roots. Actually the pagan traditions are reviving in a big way in the West.
  • There is unprecedented interest in learning Samskritam which is seen as the key to many secrets stored in ancient texts and which is also seen as the most perfect language suitable to the cyberworld. 
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“veda-Adhyayanam is relevant and
worth the effort”
“Dharmo rakshati rakshith”

“It is possible for every Veda Adyayi
to purse other streams of education
to make a decent living”

“Active encouragement and
facilities are the essentials.”

“Make the environment and
facilitate that it becomes”

I should learn Become more relevant.

  • The growth of Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation as alternative and complete therapy and their growing value at the global level 
  • The emerging convergence of theoretical physics and vedanta in unravelling the mysteries of creation of which the ancient Indian texts are believed to hold the key 
  • The rise of India as a global geo-political and economic power and therefore the rising confidence of Indians as people and India as a civilisation 
  • The rise of the soft power of India as a noble and attractive culture following India's rise as a hard power 
  • The rising influence of India as a brain power and of the Indian expatriates in the West and in the rest of the world as responsible and successful people 
  • The unprecedented interest growing among the youth, particularly the Brahmin youth, about the need to reconnect themselves to ancient religious, cultural and religious values 
  • The increasing interest of many middle and lower middle class brahamana families in giving their children for Vedadhyayanam if it could be aligned with adequate secular education to enable the child to get a degree so that the child does not feel isolated in the high speed modern world. This is evident from the emergence of such institutions in different parts. 
The atmosphere is so favourable as to overcome all the historic and accumulated resistance and reservation about learning Veda the traditional way, whether it is any myth, stigma or practical objections to such learning. Even with the distorted atmosphere in the society, today there are successful people who have done Veda Adhyayanam as a child and subsequently became Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Clerks, Teachers, Lecturers/Professors, Businessmen, Upanyasakarta, Management consultants etc. Many of them have managed to lead the traditional, vaideeka lifestyle way of life also. Though this unique population is small, it is a sizeable part of the population of those who undertake Veda Adhyayanam. Moreover, this unique population have had no formal facilities/guidance and have done all ground work by themselves under difficult and testing conditions. They are a standing illustration that if proper measures are taken and the right model of learning the Veda are devised this small population can grow into large one. Most such Adhyayis can do wonders and many more new career avenues without compromising Vaideeka lifestyle can be discovered. We need to make it possible that Veda Adhyayanam is taken as choice as sva-dharmam not as hopeless last resort alternative. 

All that is needed is a small group of dedicated people, particularly those who regret having missed out on learning the Veda and who are interested in ensuring that the future generation is not denied the opportunity of learning the Veda. They must have the conviction to work to ensure that respect for learning Veda and reverence for the learned in Veda are rebuilt and sustained in the society, particularly within the Brahamana community.