SathSamhita is the beginning of that movement

  • SathSamhita is a team of professionals, businessmen, reputed Veda Adhyayis, Patashala Vadhyars and others who command respect in the society but at the same time committed to revival of the learning of the Veda in the traditional way and to build high respect for those learned in the Veda. 
  • The persons behind the SathSamhita are mostly those who have the desire and the conviction to initiate their own children and grand children in Vedadhyayanam. 

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“veda-Adhyayanam is relevant and
worth the effort”
“Dharmo rakshati rakshith”

“It is possible for every Veda Adyayi
to purse other streams of education
to make a decent living”

“Active encouragement and
facilities are the essentials.”

“Make the environment and
facilitate that it becomes”

I should learn Become more relevant.

  • The SathSamhita team is inspired by the tapas, efforts and the desire of the Kanchi Mahaswami to sustain the interest in and respect for learning the Veda in the traditional way. 
  • SathSamhita is a small but effective beginning to course correct and resurrect the learning of the Veda. It is a socio-spiritual movement backed by the Will to fight the difficulties 
  • While such issues arose long time ago, they have continued and intensified because of the social, cultural and religious will to fight them. The Kanchi Mahaswami used to cite the Sikhs for their capacity to maintain their tradition and also become successful in material life in modern times. 
  • The Brahmanas need similar attitude to overcome the impediments to learning the Veda which is the very foundation of Sanatana Dharma. Decades of loss of traditional life style within and discrimination outside have made the Brahmana community to withdraw from their roots and seek refuge in modern life as the cover for social honour and acceptability. 
  • The time seems to have arrived for the Brahamana community to overcome this psychological deficiency and rediscover their roots and for that purpose start a movement for the revival of their swadharma which is founded on learning the Veda. The movement should be a silent and well organized. The atmosphere in the society within and outside India today favour such a purposeful movement.