Sanatana Dharma, Bharata Varsha and the Veda

SathSamhita is an effort to make the brahmanas and others interested in the promotion of the learning of the Veda in the traditional way to think big and not any more follow the weak way of preserving the learning of the Veda by seconding it to those families and children who have no other choice. The SathSamhita is an effort to make the mission of learning the Veda as the first choice of the successful people for their wards. Stated briefly, this is the agenda with which SathSamhita proposes to move ahead. This agenda will be, like for any pioneering effort, reviewed from time to time. 

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“veda-Adhyayanam is relevant and
worth the effort”
“Dharmo rakshati rakshith”

“It is possible for every Veda Adyayi
to purse other streams of education
to make a decent living”

“Active encouragement and
facilities are the essentials.”

“Make the environment and
facilitate that it becomes”

I should learn Become more relevant.

  • tam-kruti-subhalak-krish-pitham-theliya