Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is the Grand Goal?
To make Veda Adhyayanam
A natural course of Action... 

02. Is this a New Idea?
No - This is not a new idea–such idea has been existent even from Maha Periyava’s period. 
Now there are buyers of this idea!! And may be now it is more relevant. (Refer “ Why now” ) 

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“veda-Adhyayanam is relevant and
worth the effort”
“Dharmo rakshati rakshith”

“It is possible for every Veda Adyayi
to purse other streams of education
to make a decent living”

“Active encouragement and
facilities are the essentials.”

“Make the environment and
facilitate that it becomes”

I should learn Become more relevant.

03. So?? - What is New Now?
  • First and the Most important now there are buyers of   this idea!!!
  • Take the School to Patashala not vice-versa.
  • Involve all sections of the community and meet their major requirements. 
  • Learn from Past Mistakes. 

04. What are SathSamhita ’s brief plans? 
Create Social awareness/confidence building among Brahmins
  • To break the myth and remove the stigma Samhita plans mass information dissemination to our target audience (the asthika brahmanas) by all means possible. 
  • Infrastructure building - (3 pronged approach)- Refer blogspot (refer blog                                                                                                     SathSamhita wishes to do it in a 3 Pronged Approach in the following sequence. 
  • Concurrent School
  • Bridge School Model 
  • Modern Patashala 

05. Started ??
Yes - The concurrent school 

01. Jagatguru VedaKavya Vidhya Bhavanam (Sama Veda Patashala) – Kallikuppam, Ambattur 

02 .SDPP Yajur Veda Patashala – Nemilichery, Chrompet 

03. Adambakkam Kainkarya Sabha (Sama – Yajur Veda Patashala) – Adambakkam 

04. Kshetropasana – Yajur Veda Patashala Sriperumbadur 

06. 8th, 10th Standard?? How??
  • National Open School (A Government of India Institution) 
  • Syllabus is simple and exams can be taken at student’s convenience 
  • Exams can be conducted at even lower classes like class two, three progressively for every year. 

07. Can the Adhyayis manage both??
  • Yes – They can….We have to create the infrastructure and the right ambience
  • Don’t the students after their 8 hours of schooling also attend 
  • Tuitions
  • Tennis, Cricket coaching
  • Classes for Vocal Music, Dance, Musical Instruments

08. Why can’t we have a full time school and study Vedam in the morning and evening?
SathSamhita is focussed on promoting complete Veda Adhyayanam in its pristine form and secular studies being provided a part of the course. 
Regular schooling with Veda Adhyayanam as secondary is not the focus. Moreover, SathSamhita is convinced that a regular schooling of 6~7 hours is an over- do especially up to the middle school and only breeds contempt for our native and spiritual thinking.